November 19 – November 30 

November 19-23 – Thanksgiving Break

November 30 – Santa Pictures

December 4 – K5-2 Grade Christmas Program

December 6 – 3rd-5thGrade Christmas Program

December 7 – Last Collection Day “Share Your Christmas” Food Drive

December 7 – BBS Chorus Performance at Ringgold “Down Home Days” 

                           7:30 P.M.

December 21 – K3/K4 Christmas Program

December 21 - ½ Day of School – Christmas Break Begins

  • Santa pictures will be made on Friday, November 30.  Students may wear Christmas attire.  Please be sure to follow all BBS Dress Codes.  Students will be sent down by classrooms to have their pictures made.  If you would like to have sibling pictures made, you must bring them to room #18 between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Siblings must be accompanied by a parent.  Please notify your teacher if you wish to have a winter scene or picture with Santa.  Students can do both.

  • Every year Brainerd Baptist School participates in WRCB’s “Share Your Christmas” canned food drive.  We will be collecting Monday, November 5, through Friday, December 7.  Student Council will then deliver the canned food to the Tennessee Pavilion Friday, December 7. 

  • Brainerd Baptist School offers need-based financial aid for students in K5 through 5th grade on a yearly basis.  Financial aid applications are now being accepted via FACTS.  It is very important for parents to complete the application before January 31.  No late applications will be considered.  Click here for the link and more information.

Fourth Grade Overview

November 26 - November 30, 2018

BIBLE: We are continuing our study of the Gospel of John. We’ve focused on Jesus’ claim that he is both fully God and fully man. We’ve looked at a few OT prophecies, John the Baptist, Nicodemus, and a few of the miraculous accounts.

LANGUAGE ARTS: After Thanksgiving Break, we will begin our next unit, Adjectives.

READING: Students will continue in our unit, Character. We will have a review day on Wednesday and Friday, to “catch up” from Thanksgiving break. We are reading in class for this unit, so there will be no reading homework. However, students should be studying the pattern statement, process questions 1-6 & 13, and the vocabulary. There will be TWO visual tools used during this unit. Students will only need to know how to draw the one titled Perspective Cloud for the skills test. Study materials are in binders. Quizzes will be posted weekly in agendas. Vocabulary and Skills Tests will be on Monday, December 3, and the Performance Test will be on Tuesday, December 4.

SPELLING: Word List 7 and Spelling Activity Sheet 7 will be in the spelling section of binders on Monday. Spelling Activity Sheet is due AFTER the Thanksgiving break on Wednesday, November 28, and Spelling Test 7 will be on Friday, November 30.

MATH:  We will continue our unit on division.

Social Studies: Westward Ho! We are heading out West in chapter 11. Students will examine the challenges of frontier life and learn about the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.

*Note: There were many unexpected, extended absences over Fall Break this year. Please read the BBS Handbook regarding vacation absence policy. Fourth grade students can get behind so quickly if they do not have the proper make-up work.

**Note: DRESS CODE (from BBS Handbook) GRADES K5 – 5TH Grade

Pants and Shorts:

  • Legging pants or yoga type pants may NOT be worn on any regular school day, civilian day, or field day.

  • PLAIN ankle length leggings and tights may be worn under skirts, jumpers, dresses or skorts. Leggings must be solid white, gray, black or navy.

Civilian Day/Special Event Dress Code

• Clothing should be free from inappropriate slogans, advertisements, comic strips,

cartoon, or TV personalities. Shirts with writing must contain appropriate messages.

• Skirts or shorts must be no shorter than 2” above the front and back of the knee.

• Leggings or yoga style pants may NOT be worn on any regular or special event school

 day. However, as stated above, leggings may be worn under uniform clothing.

• Clothing must fit appropriately. If in doubt, it is best not to wear it.

• Only on special event days athletic shorts of appropriate length may be worn. School

administration will notify families when athletic shorts are acceptable. Athletic shorts are

not permitted at any other time.


November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break

November 30 Santa/Winter Pictures

NOW - December 7 BBS “Share Your Christmas”  Canned Food