Brainerd Baptist School is not only a great place for education, but is also a great place for teachers as well. Occasionally we will have openings and are looking for highly motivated educators to join our team. We seek individuals who:

  • Are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children

  • Seek to know every student as an individual

  • Committed to a student-centered pedagogy that utilizes and models best practices

  • Strive to help students develop a Biblical worldview

  • Desire to work in Christian environment

  • Pursue bettering themselves through professional development and/or continuing education

Interested teachers should submit a resume, transcript, reference letter, and application for employment (staff or faculty) including a philosophy of education for consideration. Typically, applications are reviewed in late winter and early spring. Due to the competitive nature of the applicant pool, it is advisable that interested teachers apply as early as possible. After careful review, a select group of applicants will be contacted for a first round interview. Because of the volume of applicants for teaching positions at Brainerd Baptist School, it is not possible to interview all applicants.  Questions or electronic application submission may be sent to our Headmaster.

Currently, we have no openings.

If you would like to have your application placed on file, please submit the requested materials to Robin Morris. If you have specific questions about the position, please email Head of School Sean Corcoran.