Brainerd Baptist School enjoys and benefits from a close relationship with Brainerd Baptist Church which founded BBS in 1953. While close institutions that share the campus, the school and the church are legally distinct institutions. BBS is its own 501c-3 with its own Board, endowment, budget, programs and operations.  The school is a non-denominational Christian school that provides an academically challenging program for students in prekindergarten through 5th grade.

Since its inception, Brainerd Baptist School has prided itself on being one of the top elementary schools in Chattanooga. Our approach, along with our teachers and curriculum not only prepares our students to be accepted at the best college preparatory schools in Chattanooga, it also ensures they excel once they get there. We work very closely with several middle/high schools to ensure that our students are prepared for the next step in their academic careers.


Over 100,000 square feet in the main academic building that sits on an 8 acre campus in the historic Belvoir area of Chattanooga. Students come from urban, suburban and rural communities within a 30-mile radius of Chattanooga. 

TUITION – (2019-2020)

$10,200 – 1st-5th grades

$9,740 – K5

$7,530 – K3 & K4 Monday – Friday

$6,160 – K3 & K4 Monday/Wednesday/Friday

$4,340 – K3 Tuesday/Thursday


Full time: 38

Part-time: 10

Total: 48

Academic Faculty Holding Advanced Degrees: 40%


Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

Educational Records Bureau - (ERB) 

The Enrollment Management Association - (SSAT)

National Association of Independent Schools – (NAIS)

Southern Association of Independent Schools – (SAIS)

Tennessee Association of Independent Schools – (TAIS)

United Way Center for Nonprofits– (CNP)


Dr. Damieon Brown

Mrs. Sherri Burns

Dr. Colin Clanton

Dr. Sean Corcoran (Head of School)

Mr. Micah Fries

Mr. Marshall Harvey (Chair)

Mr. Cory Hathorne (Vice Chair)

Mrs. Krisi Johnson (Secretary)

Mr. Scott McGhee

Mr. Matt Lawson (Treasurer)

Mrs. Sydni Paris

Mr. Skip Pond

Mr. Steve Settle

Dr. Nishani Vincent

Mrs. Lara Watson

Mrs. Janda White

Mr. Josh Woodard