Is Brainerd Baptist School a “Baptist” school?
This is one of the most common questions that we get asked! The answer is very simple – NO!
Brainerd Baptist School takes great pride in being one of the few truly non-denominational schools in the Chattanooga area.  Most Christian schools in our area require families to sign statements of faith that align them with a church or denomination.  Some also require pastors to fill out forms to verify church attendance, or require their faculty to attend a certain type of church.  Brainerd Baptist School differentiates from these types of schools in that our families are not required to sign any doctrinal statement or have any recommendation forms.  Our teachers are required to be active in local Bible-believing churches.  We are unapologetically Christian in all that we do, but we are committed to doing this in a way that shows the love of Christ.  We are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission that is talked about in Matthew 28.  This philosophy makes BBS a special place.  You will find students and teachers from many different denominations in our school, as well as many students from various ethnic backgrounds.

Are all applicants accepted at Brainerd Baptist School?
It depends on the availability in the grade the student is applying for.  If you are applying for K3, there are two requirements: the student should be potty-trained when school starts; and turn three by August 15 of the year they are enrolling.

If you are applying for any other grades, a screening must be done first. This screening helps ensure that the academic pace that is kept at Brainerd Baptist School will not frustrate your child.

What should I do first if I am interested in learning more about Brainerd Baptist School?
The admission process is designed to be very simple and straightforward.  You may request an admission packet by calling the school office or by clicking the “request a packet” link on our site.  Once you have reviewed this information, the next step is to tour the school.  You may schedule these by calling Robin Morris at 423-622-3873.  Once you have toured, you may submit the application. The screening process is different for K4 and K5 than for 1st-5th grade students.If you are applying for K4 or K5, we will contact you to schedule a screening.  The admission screening takes about 30 minutes. Once the screening is completed, we will go over the results with you and acceptance packets are then mailed out. For 1st-5th grade applicants, we request that applying students spend a day visiting Brainerd Baptist School.  Students are asked to be at the school around 8:15 and be picked up around 2:30. The visit gives the student a chance to learn more about Brainerd Baptist School and also meet prospective teachers and classmates.  We typically will screen your child sometime during their day while they are visiting with us. The screening process for the 1st-5th grade applicants takes around 45 minutes to an hour.

Is Brainerd Baptist School accredited?
YES!  We are accredited through the Southern Association of Independent Schools which is the premier accrediting agency for private schools in the southeastern United States.  In addition to SAIS membership, Brainerd Baptist also is a proud member of the National Association of Independent Schools and the Tennessee Association of Independent Schools. Examples of other schools in our area that hold accreditation and/or membership in through these organizations are McCallieGPS and Baylor.

I am concerned that BBS only goes through 5th grade.  Why should I consider your school over another school that is K-12?
This is another common question. Our desire is simple – we want to be the best elementary school in Chattanooga. We are laser focused on reaching this goal.  Every decision we make is made with this in mind. Schools from all over our city desire to enroll Brainerd Baptist School graduates.  We have a rich tradition of academic excellence for over 30 years.  BBS students are frequently named Valedictorians, Salutatorians, National Merit Scholars, All-Americans, and student government leaders at many schools in our city.  A BBS graduate is prepared to go to any school in Chattanooga. This is one of the biggest advantages to sending your child to BBS.  Whether you choose BaylorMcCallieGPSChattanooga ChristianBoyd Buchanan, or another school, we work closely with area middle schools and our students have had incredible success with the foundation from Brainerd Baptist School.

Are there any extra-curricular activities for students at BBS?
Yes. Our students are able to participate in a wide variety of extra curricular activities.  Currently our students have the opportunity to participate in gymnastics, ballet, karate, drama club, Lego robotics, piano, chess club, violin, guitar and various other clubs that teachers will do throughout the year.  These take place after school and are usually done by third parties that work with the school. We are constantly looking to add more opportunities as well. 

For 3rd-5th grade students, there are athletic opportunities as well.  These students can participate in track, cross country, and tennis camps.  Our 4th and 5th grade students get to participate in soccer, basketball and cheerleading.

Do parents have any requirements to fulfill throughout the year?
To be successful, a school requires an amazing amount of support.  Our desire is to partner with our families for academic excellence.  It is with this in mind that we require each family to volunteer 10 hours of their time to Brainerd Baptist School each year.  These hours can be earned in many different ways. Our PSO (Parent Support Organization) organizes these opportunities.

Is there any sort of early care, after care or summer camp opportunity?
Brainerd Baptist School is happy to provide early care for our parents free of charge.  Early care begins each day at 7:00am and goes until 8:00am when students are dismissed to their classrooms. Breakfast is available in early care for free as well.

After school care is available from the time your child is dismissed until 6:00pm each day.  The cost of ASC is $4.00 per hour and this includes a snack.  Information about the billing procedures is available in our handbook.

Summer camp is available for all students at Brainerd Baptist.  The camp begins Tuesday after Memorial Day and runs through July.  Students are involved in various activities from swimming and fun field trips weekly.  Registration information for camp is sent home each spring.  More information is also available on our Camp Bobcat website.

How do we pay for tuition?
Brainerd Baptist School uses a company called FACTS for tuition management. This company gives our parents complete on-line access to their account and also gives our parents many options in regards to paying their tuition.  You may choose ACH drafts or use credit cards as payment option.  Our goal is to make the tuition process as easy and flexible as possible.  If you have additional questions about tuition or FACTS, please contact Chris Shields.

Is financial aid offered at Brainerd Baptist School?
Yes! Financial aid is offered for students in K5 through 5th grade on a yearly basis.  All aid is need based and is awarded in April of each year.  Students who receive financial aid are expected to maintain academic and behavior guidelines.  All applicants are required to fill out a form through FACTS each year.  More information on financial aid can be obtained by visiting the Financial Aid section of our website.

What are the cut-off dates for kindergarten?
All students entering kindergarten must turn 5 before August 15th.  This is also the date that we use for our K4 and K3 programs.


We understand that finding the right school can turn into an overwhelming  experience! Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible. Below you will see how the admission process at Brainerd Baptist School works.  If you have any questions about the school or about the process, please feel free to contact us either by email or by calling 423-622-3873.

1. Request a Packet – This will have general information about the school. You may complete this step by clicking the link at the top of any page on this website, or by clicking here.

2. Tour the School – This is the most important step in the process. You will take a tour of our campus, meet with our Head of School who will share our philosophy of education and see what makes our school so special. Tours typically take about 1 hour. For families entering K3, K4, or K5 we prefer to do the tour in the morning hours so you can see the students in the classroom environment. We also recommend that children not attend the tour as we have a special time planned for them when they come to complete the screening process or on their shadow day (students entering 2nd-5th grades). Call (423-622-3873) or email to schedule.

3. Apply for Admission – Parents begin this process after they have completed a tour of the school. The process is all done online. Step by step instructions will be provided. Parents will pay the $75 application fee in this step. To begin the application for admission please click here.