November 19 – November 30 

November 19-23 – Thanksgiving Break

November 30 – Santa Pictures

December 4 – K5-2 Grade Christmas Program

December 6 – 3rd-5thGrade Christmas Program

December 7 – Last Collection Day “Share Your Christmas” Food Drive

December 7 – BBS Chorus Performance at Ringgold “Down Home Days” 

                           7:30 P.M.

December 21 – K3/K4 Christmas Program

December 21 - ½ Day of School – Christmas Break Begins

  • Santa pictures will be made on Friday, November 30.  Students may wear Christmas attire.  Please be sure to follow all BBS Dress Codes.  Students will be sent down by classrooms to have their pictures made.  If you would like to have sibling pictures made, you must bring them to room #18 between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Siblings must be accompanied by a parent.  Please notify your teacher if you wish to have a winter scene or picture with Santa.  Students can do both.

  • Every year Brainerd Baptist School participates in WRCB’s “Share Your Christmas” canned food drive.  We will be collecting Monday, November 5, through Friday, December 7.  Student Council will then deliver the canned food to the Tennessee Pavilion Friday, December 7. 

  • Brainerd Baptist School offers need-based financial aid for students in K5 through 5th grade on a yearly basis.  Financial aid applications are now being accepted via FACTS.  It is very important for parents to complete the application before January 31.  No late applications will be considered.  Click here for the link and more information.

First Grade Overview

November 26, 2018

BIBLE:  1st Grade has just finished a unit on the power of prayer, looking at the story of Isaac and his wife Rebekah. They prayed for their teachers and finished a prayer banner that is a gift to their teachers.


Phonics: We will be covering vowel y with long i and long e, combination er, and trigraph igh.

Assessment: Friday, November 30th. Tests cover the information found on the classwork and homework sheets that go home.

Spelling: List 10

we, with, long, must, like, brisk, clock, sleep, sanding, insect, does, been

  • 1.  He has been resting at home.   2. Does the clock ring at ten?

Assessment: Practice test is Wednesday, November 28th. If your child does not make 100, they will retake the test on Friday, November 30th.

Foundations and Frameworks: The next few weeks our Comprehension Focus will be RETELLING. The students will be tested on the pattern statement, process questions, visual tool, and vocabulary words.

Pattern statement: Oral restating requires organizing one’s thoughts. Test: December 19th

Process questions:

1. Who is in the story?

2. What happened in the story? In what order did it happen?

3. How can the story be retold, pretending the listener has never heard or read the story?

4. What distracting details can be left out?

5. How? Where can expression be used?

Vocabulary: cutlass, swarming, suspicious, renowned, annual, vital, depart, nutcracker, tremendous, whisked

MATH:  This week in marvelous math we will work on adding 2 digits without regrouping, identifying how many more on a graph, identifying and making congruent shapes, counting large collections and grouping by 10’s!

Assessment: Test Friday, November 30th. Assessments cover the information on worksheets your child has brought home for homework from the previous week.

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES: November will be all about Christmas - the birth of Jesus!

The poem will be in your child’s Tuesday folder.

Students will need to be able to recite “The Greatest Gift” poem by Friday, November 30th.

If you seek a special gift,

the greatest gift of all!

Don’t look beneath your tree,

it was never there at all!

The greatest Christmas gift

was given to us all;

the Christ child in a manger,

in a lowly cattle stall.


5 tardies = 1 absence per quarter. If your child is arriving to their classroom after 8:15, they are marked tardy.

November 5th-December 7th - Share Your Christmas - collecting canned goods.

By November 26th - Prevent the Flu Video Competition

November 30th - Santa Pictures - We would like all of our students to wear Christmas attire.

December 4th - Christmas Program - Children need to be in the classroom by 6:00. The program begins at 6:30.  Students need to wear a red shirt and khaki pants - girls may wear a red dress.

December 21st - First Grade Christmas Parties - ½ day of school.