February 20-February 23

February 22&23 – Class Group Pictures

March 5 – Re-enrollment Due Date

  • The 2018-2019 Online Re-enrollment is open. The Re-enrollment deadline is March 5.  Please note, after March 5, the re-enrollment fee is $250. You can read Mr. Corcoran’s blog for more information regarding re-enrollment
  • FACTS has enhanced their system to allow our families to print their payment history for the 2017 year tax season.  Simply follow these instructions.

               1.   FACTS customer will sign into FACTS at

               2.   Payment Plan and Billing select ‘View Details’.

               3.   Under Activity Details select ‘View Payment Summary’.

                Page will open in another window or tab.

                 4.   Select the year & then ‘Print’.

               NOTE: This report will show the total paid for each of the accounts (i.e. Tuition,

               After School Care, etc.). You can select a year or a date range for this summary.

               This will also include the Schools Federal Tax ID and address.

First Grade Overview

February 19th- February 23rd


We will be working on digraph -ue and nouns.

Assessment: Test Friday, February 23rd  

Spelling: List 16

far, much, play, gave, upon, after, handy, dribble, spell, shapeless, says, should

  1. Six friends came to my slumber party.

  2. We stayed up until three.

  3. Mom made plum tarts for us.

  4. The sweet crust was tender and good.

Assessment: Test on list 16 Friday, February 23rd  


We will be working on using bills to pay for items to $20 and adding 3 single digit numbers.

Assessment: Test Friday, February 23rd

Foundation and Frameworks:  

We will work on our Story Structure unit information that went home in Tuesday folders to be reviewed at home.

Comprehension Focus: Story Structure

Pattern Statement: When faced with a problem or goal, there may be multiple attempts that fail before solving the problem or reaching the goal.

Process Questions:

  1. Who is the main character?

  2. What is the character’s goal or problem?

  3. What does the character do to try to reach the goal or solve the problem?

  4. How does the story end?

  5. What is a block to the main character’s attempt at reaching the goal or solving the problem?

  6. How does the final attempt to reach the goal or solve the problem lead to the story’s outcome?

Visual Tool:  Story Structure Table

We will cover and test on the following vocabulary:

market, hatched, nuzzled, whinny/whinnied, lose, perhaps, protect, delivery, monstrous, curious.

Assessment:   Story Structure testing will be February 22nd and 23rd.

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will continue our study of North America through March.

**Famous American retelling oral presentations will be February 21st through February 23rd. Please have your child use the flow chart provided to chronologically order events. They should practice this at home several times so they are familiar with the information prior to presenting. They may use the chart while presenting their famous American.

Poem to know by February 23rd

“The Buffalo”

In burning sun,

in blinding snow

there stands the mighty buffalo.

His temper short,

his suffering long…

once was sixty million strong.

In burning sun,

in blinding snow

Behold! The mighty buffalo!


Please continue to submit Box Tops to your teacher to earn money for your child’s classroom.

February 20th- School resumes

February 22nd- Group class picture (uniforms please)

February 25th- Sunday, 12:30-2:30 p.m. Parents (absolutely NO children may come with you under ANY circumstances) come deck out or classrooms for Seuss week! We have the décor to use…come ready to turn first grade into Seussville!

February 27th- Box Tops due for the next turn-in date

March 2nd- Seuss Party 1:30-3:00 p.m.

March 6th- Field trip to Cat in the Hat at the Tivoli.

March 16th- BBS Auction

March 23rd- Easter party 12-3:00 p.m. @ BX