The Houses of Brainerd Baptist School

The following post is the first of two in which we are highlighting something new at Brainerd Baptist School this year. We strive to develop a culture were creativity and innovation are normal parts of our day. These are traits that we want our students to develop, so it is important that we, as a school, also embody these traits. I believe that schools operate best when there is no fear of failure of trying something new. Teachers will be quick to tell you that we can become entrenched in the way we do things. A culture of innovation removes the fear of failing at something new, and replaces that fear with excitement and encouragement. Our students have been blessed by this innovation over the last few years with some amazing opportunities that are not available at other schools in our area. Some examples would be our 4 C’s curriculum or our C.A.T. (curiosity, adventure, thought) experiential learning opportunities. In the post below, John Creed talks about our new Houses of Brainerd Baptist School.

The Houses of Brainerd Baptist School
John Creed

This school year, fourth and fifth grade students will take part in an altogether new experience at Brainerd Baptist School. In addition to the many aspects of student life that make their final years as Bobcats special, these students will be the first to participate in the House System at BBS. 

House Logos.jpg

The House System at Brainerd Baptist School is designed to serve as an extension of the school’s mission and vision. As both an academic and non-academic program, the House System seeks to nurture unity within the fourth and fifth grade student body. While promoting cooperation, healthy competition, and encouragement, this system will point students toward traits such as integrity, responsibility, kindness, and diligence. Our hope is to further build upon the strong culture and community of our school. 

Each house has faculty representation to serve as heads of the house. These heads are comprised of fourth and fifth grade teachers and fine arts teachers. Students were assigned to four houses after their first assembly of the year. A few days later, they participated in an initial a house meeting where house heads taught students a handshake, song, or chant to share with the members of their house throughout the year. Additionally, house members learned about their house’s unique crest and the house point system. 

During the year, students will have many opportunities to earn points for their houses. These points can be earned by displaying quality character traits or through a simple act of kindness. House competitions and specific academic goals may also contribute to points for a house.

It was a treat to hear the first house meetings draw to a close with the rumble of each house’s newfound chant or song pouring into the hallway. The early excitement of the students has been encouraging, and we are looking forward to seeing this grow and develop throughout the year! 

Sean Corcoran