My (20th!) First Day of School

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Much is made about the excitement of children as the first day of class approaches. Today marks the first day of class at Brainerd Baptist School. A LOT of preparation has gone into making this day run as smoothly as possible for our students. My youngest child had her first day (junior year) on Monday and I certainly understand the anxiety that can accompany this momentous occasion from a parents perspective. Moms spend time shopping (often with their child) for the various necessary, (and often unnecessary school supplies -hello locker wallpaper and chandeliers). Schedules are analyzed and memorized. New shoes are purchased, and in many cases, other things like picking out a new backpack is a tradition for many. Today marks the 20th consecutive year where I have experienced a “1st day” professionally. Of course, before that, I experienced many first days of school personally as well.

If I could say one thing to students AND parents that you may not have thought about, it would be this - your teachers are just as excited, and often times more anxious about this day as you are! They have put in MANY hours creating a space in their classrooms that is warm and inviting just for their students. They have prayed over their students and are excited to get to know them, and most importantly, their goal is to positively impact the lives of their students this year. Believe it not, I would almost certainly bet that many of your teachers also had their outfits laid out last night in preparation for the big day. I will even admit that I also got new shoes for today, although I doubt any of my students will fully appreciate my choice in purchasing new loafers from Cole Haan!

Here is to the beginning of a GREAT year! We are happy that many of you have chosen Brainerd Baptist School for your child. Our enrollment is up about 7% over last years first day number. We have added 2 new classes due to growth. For many of you, today marks “the last first day” at Brainerd Baptist School for your child. My advice as a dad that has experienced this three times - soak it up and enjoy it, because it will go by fast. If I can help any of you as the year begins, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sean Corcoran