All About That App!

We were excited to announce the new Brainerd Baptist School App at Open House last night.  You can now visit either the Google or Apple App stores and search for "Brainerd Baptist School" and download our new app. 

I want to especially thank Bradley Chambers for his hard work on this project. 


A little over two months ago, I watched a funny video by a principal in Kentucky named Gerry Brooks. (On a side note, I find this guy hilarious and always look forward to his videos. If you're looking for a good laugh, check him out) Gerry was promoting a new app for his school and I was immediately interested. I downloaded the app and played with it some to see if it was something I could see being beneficial to our school families. I found the app to be very helpful, so I reached out to the developers and set up a meeting to see about getting their help for creating an app for our families. As we talked with them, we hit some road blocks that made working with them very difficult. Bradley began to explore other options and found the company that was able to address the concerns we had and helped make this happen.

What this means for you is that we now have another avenue of communication.  We work very hard to get information to our parents in many different ways. You will be able to instantly see Notes Home and Class Overviews as well as accessing a quick view of the school calendar to see what is happening at BBS on a particular day. This blog is also featured there, and as needed, we will add our "live cast" feature to the app allowing anyone to watch our programs that we live cast. 

Sean Corcoran