When Pride Is A Good Thing


I began typing this post while sitting in the family room at St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis. I was watching two Brainerd Baptist School teachers work with one of our students who has been fighting cancer the last 2+ years. Hayden is what I have affectionately termed a "grandstudent". She is one of a growing number of students who have either a mom or a dad that also attended BBS (and in what has to be a sign of old age - I actually had the privilege of teaching many of these parents!). When parents can look back over their years at BBS so fondly that they want their own children to also have that same experience, we are doing something right! I am convinced that our school does an incredible job at the academic piece. We spend much time and resources refining our pedagogy and developing an academic program that is as strong as any program in our region. Our parents and the community at large are cognizant of the strong reputation that Brainerd Baptist School has maintained for many decades. However, I believe there is another piece of educational process that is just as important, and that is the personal relationship between the school and the family. Relationships are routinely stressed in independent schools. As a faith-based school, it goes even further. We are commanded to be the "hands and feet" of Jesus in our approach to children.  Today's post is with this mindset.


As I sat in the room at St. Jude, I was the proverbial  "fly on the wall" watching these ladies work through various learning activities such as: patterns, Core 5, days the of the week, months, phonics, math and several other items. They are masters at what they do. I have believed for years that teaching is truly an art and both of our teachers exhibited this. They did what teachers all across the world do each and every day - unlocking skills and concepts and presenting them in a way that children understand. It is also important to remember that both of these ladies (like most teachers) have small children, and hectic lives of their own to help manage, but set that aside to come work with one of their students. Although many may notice the various social media posts about the trip to Memphis, what is more impressive to me (and probably not as widely known) is the fact that both of these teachers spend time going to Hayden's house. Each week they help Hayden learn and to invest in her as individual. 


This comes back to the title of the post. I am very much aware that word "pride" is often talked about in a negative connotation. I certainly understand the logic behind this and know what the Bible teaches us on the word pride. That said, I have an incredible sense of pride when I think about what the teachers, faculty and staff do here at Brainerd Baptist School EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Maybe there is another word that I should use instead of "pride", but I do not know if another can clearly illustrate how I feel about this.   I am proud to be associated with such talented, caring, and professional teachers and staff. I am 100% sincere when I say we have the best faculty in the area. I speak from experience when I say, my children benefited from these teachers, and I am forever grateful for their investment. 

Sean Corcoran