Tybee Island - Day 1

Emma is pretty excited to be holding a snake! 

Emma is pretty excited to be holding a snake! 

So our first day at Burton 4H Camp is in the books. Other than the weather not being as warm as we would have liked, it has been a phenomenal day. The programming and classes that our students have been able to be a part of have been amazing (as you have probably seen if you have been on Facebook or Instagram). Our chaperons are taking turns going with each group and are enjoying getting to be with all of the students.  We are all trying to post pictures as well.  Here is a quick overview of things your students did today:

  • Orienteering class - they learned how to read a compass, then had to do a scavenger hunt across the camp to find different points
  • Shark Dissection - although self explanatory, this was a neat experience for most of our students. We did have a few that gave it a valiant effort, but in the end chose to step out. If you do not see a picture of your child in the dissection, that means that did not want to participate. 
  • Beach Ecology - we loaded up on buses for the short drive to North Tybee. Our students learned about sand dunes and sea turtles. The students were divided into pairs and had to create their own ocean habitat. While we were doing this, several dolphins decided to grace us with their presence. They swam back and forth practically right in front of us for several minutes.
  • Reptiles - the groups got to go through several classes learning about various types of reptiles. The were able to hold an alligator, several types of snakes, crabs, and turtles. 
  • Night Walk - we loaded back up for a quick trip to the beach. Students learned about various topics like bioluminescence, echolocation, radar, pirates and night site, and other topics. 

We have some really cool things planned for tomorrow including marsh ecology and surf sleuth. We will continue to post pictures to our social media pages. 

Sean Corcoran