As a part of our recent SAIS Accreditation visit, we administered the SAIS Value Narrative Survey to our entire school community. This is a very thorough process where SAIS administers the survey and collects the data, then presents it back to the school to share with the stakeholders. In the survey, parents are asked to rate the importance (on a scale of 1-5) of an exhaustive list of topics that covers all facets of school life. Parents then rate the school (on a scale of 1-5) on how we perform on those same items. A score of 100 indicates perfect congruence between how much a parent values a given item, and how well the school is performing at delivering that same item. As you can see by looking at the summary to the right, our scores were very high. When we received the scores, we asked SAIS to help us interpret our scores to make sure what we were seeing was correct. At that time, they shared the exciting news with us that, “Brainerd Baptist School had the highest overall net promoter score ever.” We have always believed that our school is a special place, but it is so encouraging to see how parents and community at large affirm our beliefs.
This is quite the accomplishment when you consider that SAIS is compromised of approximately 400 member schools from 14 different states. Because our scores were so high, the visiting team recommended in their final report that we share this data with our stakeholders. We recognized that the links below cover a LOT of data that can be overwhelming. We have tried to give just a quick summary with the picture to the right. The links below contain almost 150 pages of information gathered through the survey process. We hope you will look over this and be proud of the great work that is happening in our school each day.