AROO!! Are you ready for our Bobcat Spartan Fundraiser this year? THIS IS THE BEST WAY to support our school! HERE IS WHY: 100% of the proceeds benefit our classrooms, the kids have a blast during the race, our teachers gain supplies & support...and it is plain FUN!

Details about this Fundraiser:

  • Students get a free t-shirt and all sponsor prizes earned when the PINK copy is turned in on Thursday, September 13th.  
  • BBS will keep 100% of the proceeds!!
  • Students get sponsors:  5 Sponsors = eye black stickers, 10 Sponsors = Spartan Headband
  • K3-K5 students who raise $150 or more have a special EXTRA recess during the school day and there will be games, popsicles, and BBS water bottles given out!
  • 1st-5th grade students who raise $150 or more may participate in an EXTREME KICKBALL tournament against Corcoran, Chambers, Shields, and other faculty & teachers at the BX! Tournament will be divided by grade levels. 
  • Students who raise $250 or more get to go to SUPERFLY off campus during the school day!

August 28-Kickoff

September 13-Prize day & T-shirts given to students

(bring pink sheets to lunch and students will pick up prizes in MPR after lunch

September 14-Bobcat Spartan Race

September 21-Pledges due

Kickball & Superfly will be scheduled when we have a total number of students. 

Schedule for September 14th (BX Field):

9:00-9:30  K5

9:45-10:15  K3 & K4

10:30-11:00  1st

12:15-12:45  2nd

1:00-1:30  3rd

1:45-2:15  4th

2:30-3:00  5th

VOLUNTEERS are welcome and needed!  Click  HERE to sign up!

Please email ebaggenstoss@brainerdbaptist.org  if you have any questions!