February 9 – February 22 

February 13 – STUCO Sponsored Dress Day

February 14-18 – Winter Break

February 21&22 – Classroom Group Pictures

February 21 – Heart Strings for Hope Ticket Drawing

February 25 – Deadline to Withdraw for the 2019-2020 School Year

March 1 – Auction Ticket Deadline

March 1 – BBS Spirit Day

March 1 – 2019-2020 Re-Enrollment Fee Drafted/Due

March 11-15 – BBS Online Auction

March 15 – BBS Live Auction

March 25-29 – Spring Break

Register here for Holiday Childcare for February 14 and 15.  There will be NO child care available on February 18.

  • Students that donate $2.00 or more may wear Valentine’s dress on Wednesday, February 13.

  • If you do not plan on your child returning to Brainerd Baptist School, you must submit an email to Mr. Corcoran no later than February 25, to officially withdraw.

  • To add the 2019-2020 annual lunch plan to your 2019-2020 tuition click here.

            The Annual Lunch Plan costs are:

            K3-1st grade is $525.00

            2nd-5th grade is $700.00

            10 Day Tickets are $55.00

            30 Day Tickets are $150.00          

  • US101 has donated 2 Heart Strings for Hope tickets to BBS in honor of our sweet student that is currently at St. Jude.  We are going to hold a raffle for these tickets online:  $10.00 for a chance to win 2 tickets!  The proceeds of this raffle will evenly be distributed to benefit Brainerd Baptist School and St. Jude CRH.  The winner will be announced on Thursday, February 21.  You can purchase your raffle tickets here.

First Grade Overview

February 11 - 22, 2019

BIBLE:  Our next memory verse will be John 6:35 (ESV): Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever come to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”


Phonics: We will be covering spelling with diphthong oi and oy, vccvccv rule, final stable syllable -tion, and digraph ue.  We will also continue to learn about nouns!

Assessment: Friday, February 22nd. Tests cover the information found on the classwork and homework sheets that go home.

Spelling: List 16

far, much, play, gave, upon, after, handy, dribble, spell, shapeless, says, should

  • 1.  Six friends came to my slumber party.  2. We stayed up until three. 3. Mom made plum tarts for us.  4. The sweet crust was tender and good.

Assessment: Practice test will be on Wednesday, February 13th. If your child does not make 100, they will retake the test on Friday, February 22nd.

Foundations and Frameworks: The next few weeks our Comprehension Focus will be Story Structure. The students will be tested on the pattern statement, process questions, visual tool, and vocabulary words.

Pattern statement: When faced with a problem or goal, there may be multiple attempts that fail before solving the problem or reaching the goal. Tests: February 21st and 22nd.

Process questions:

1. Who is the main character?

2. What is the character’s goal or problem?

3. What does the character do to try and reach the goal or solve the problem?

4. How does the story end?

5. What is a block to the main character’s attempt at reaching the goal or solving the problem?

6.  How does the final attempt to reach the goal or solve the problem lead to the story’s outcome?

Visual Tool: Story Structure Table

Vocabulary: market, hatched, nuzzled, whinny, lose, perhaps, protect, delivery, monstrous

MATH:  This week in marvelous math we will work on addition facts, geometric solid cs - cones and spheres, using bills to pay for items to $20, and adding 3 single digit numbers.

Assessment: Test Friday, February 22nd.

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES: We are into our study of North America! We will include a study of our national bird - the eagle.  Be sure to watch to view Elliot and Athena - our own eagles here in Chattanooga.  We will be learning about Famous Americans and Famous Black Americans during this time. The students will have a culminating activity of giving an oral book report about a famous American of their choice.

POEM:  Recite by February 22nd

The Buffalo

In burning sun,

In blinding snow

There stands the mighty Buffalo.

His temper short,

His suffering long----

Once was sixty million strong.

In burning sun,

In blinding snow,

Behold!  The mighty buffalo!


5 tardies = 1 absence. If your child is arriving to their classroom after 8:15, they are marked tardy.

February - Famous American Book Report  

February 11 - Send in Valentine Cards and Box

February 13 - Valentine’s Party - 2:00-3:00 in the classroom -

Students may wear valentine colors for $2.

February 14-18  - Winter Break

February 21 - Famous American Oral Reports

February 24 - Help decorate your child’s classroom for Seuss Week! 12:30-2:30 - no children!