If your child’s school day ends before yours does, After School Care is the answer! There is a fifteen-minute window for pick-up and then children remaining automatically go to After School Care. K-3 and K-4 students enjoy a story time before relaxing on their own cots. Oh – in case your child asks every day if it’s Monday, that’s because Monday is movie day during the first twenty minutes of rest time!

By 2:30, everyone is up and ready to play! Also at this time, kindergarten students are dismissed to join the fun and after a snack, everyone heads outside to the playground. First graders are added to the mix between 3:00 and 3:15. Upstairs, 2nd and 3rd grades are gathered to grab a snack before heading off to the playground. Finally, 4th and 5th are dismissed to join the fun!

Weather permitting, children enjoy running and playing with friends on the playground. When it’s time to come inside, children choose from a variety of games, Lego’s, other favorites, or a raindy day movie. Just one warning – occasionally you might hear a child crying – but don’t be too concerned. It’s time to go home and someone isn’t ready! By 6:00, the lights go out and everyone goes home – happy, hungry and tired!

BBS uses Kinderlime for student sign in and out to ASC. Each parent was emailed a PIN Code, and it can be used with the staff member where your child is (with an iPad). The cost is $4.00 per hour (for the 2018-2019 school year) and bills are paid on FACTS monthly. The first hour is a minimum of one hour, but after that, each hour is billed in fifteen minute increments.

The ASC balance for each month is posted on FACTS near the first of the next month. All balances must be paid by the 16th to continue services. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ASC billing in FACTS, contact Chris Shields.

Program Director: Cathy Creed (
Assistant Director: Barbara Workman (