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BBS Advantage: Early Childhood

The kindergarten programs at Brainerd Baptist School have a rich history! Originally starting in 1953, before kindergarten was available in the public school system, the BBS programs are well known for their quality and dedication to creating an atomosphere that promotes learning. Because of our success, our program has been replicated at other schools in the area.
The K3 program has 3 programs to choose from; Tuesday/Thursday, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and Monday - Friday.  The K4 program has 2 programs to choose from - Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Monday-Friday.  Both K3 and K4 programs are half day programs that begin at 8:15 and ends at 12:30 each day. The K5 program is Monday-Friday and also begins at 8:15 and dismisses at 2:30 daily.
Additional information below describes some other things that make Brainerd Baptist School unique.


Our Spiritual Approach

Brainerd Baptist School is a non-denominational Christian school.  We are unapologetically Christian in everything we do.  We are very intentional on our students developing a strong Biblical worldview.  We believe that this can be done in a way that makes all families comfotable to be a part of our school.

Our student body is made of up diverse families representing virtually every denomination.  We are missional in our approach and believe strongly that mom and dad are the most important spiritual influences on a child’s life.   Our primary goal is to not only educate your child in academic matters, but to also meet their needs spiritually and emotionaly.   Every day our teachers lead our students in devotion and prayer time.  In addition to this, students attend chapel each week and also attend Bible classes twice a week. 


Our Academic Approach

All kindergarten programs at Brainerd Baptist School use a center-based approach to teaching.  Each grade has a different curriculum that is age appropriate.  A brief description of each is offered below.
K3 - Our K3 uses a literature based curriculum that immerces the child into different units of study.  The classroom is set up to support each unit with decorations, bulletin boards, computer games and classroom libraries changing with each unit.  The students use manipulatives each day to help develop their fine motor skills.  Painting, coloring, cutting and playing are vital parts of the day.  In addition to the literaure based curriculum, the K3 student also goes to library, music and Spanish class.
K4 - Our K4 uses the well-known curriculum known as the Letter People.  In this curriculum, the students study a different letter each week.  As with the K3 program, their days are filled with manipulative rich centers. The K4 students also begin using Saxon math and go to art, physical education, technology, music, library and Spanish.  The K4 program is currently piloting a program where they use iPads in the classroom.
K5 - The K5 program is a traditional kindergaten program. The students still work in centers, but they are longer as they prepare for 1st grade.  The curriculum is Saxon math and phonics at the 1st grade level. The students also go to the same fine art classes that the K4 students do.  In addition, the K5 students use MacBooks in technology.


Becoming a Bobcat

The admission process is designed to be very simple and straightforward.  You may request an admission packet by calling the school office or by clicking the "request a packet" link on our site.  Once you have reviewed this information, the next step is to tour the school.  Tours can be scheduled by calling Robin Morris at 622-3873.  
K3 students are accepted as space is available.  There are two requirements for K3: students must be potty trained and also turn 3 by September 30 of the year they are enrolled.  If you are applying for K4 or K5, you will be contacted to schedule a screening.  The admission screening takes about 30 minutes and is very informal.  The screening is designed to be fun for the student and we discourage any sort of prep courses or additional preparation.  Once the screening is completed, we will go over the results with you and acceptance packets are typically mailed out the same day.