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First Grade Overview

April 15, 2014


BIBLE: Psalm 34:13 - "Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies."  The verse test will be on April 17, 2014.


Phonics: We will be working on the doubling rule, ghost letters gn, kn and wr, spelling with the dropping rule and v/cv rule with e,I,o,u.

Reading Skill Test: “verb tenses” - Thursday, April 17

Spelling: List 20 Test - Thursday, April 17.

by, say, for, even, point, nation, portion, sliding, September, carnation, only, answer

  1. Please eat after you clean your jeans.
  2. The meat and beans are getting cool.
  3. I hear that your team is on the corner lot.
  4. Each team is really eager to play.


Foundations and Frameworks: 

New units: Dahlke- Predicting and Justifying, Payne: Cause and Effect, Williams: Story Structure

Information packets are in your Tuesday Folders today.


MATH: We will be working on identifying/counting hundreds, tens, ones, addition/subtraction fact families, numbers to 500 using pictures and writing addition/subtraction fact families.

Assessment: Test - Thursday, April 16.


Test will cover the materials/worksheets sent home in your students folders the previous week.

Science and Social Studies:  We will continue to study the continent of South America



April 17th – Hat Parade and Easter Party

April 23rd – Animal Project Written Report Due

May 2nd – Field Day

May 5th – Animal Project and Oral Report Due

May 13th – Knoxville Zoo (rain date May 15th)

May 20th – End of Year Party – BX field – 8:00-12:00


Dress code reminder: As the weather gets warmer, please be mindful of shorts and skirt lengths for girls. We have seen a lot of growth spurts this year, so be sure to check lengths before you come to school.


Animal Project

First grade has been traveling around the world learning and discovering about the people, animals, and habitats of each continent.  As a culminating project for the world study, your child will make an animal that lives on one of the continents; no extinct animals please.  This will be a family project, so get the whole family involved!  You can use any medium to construct your animal (paper mache, wood, yarn, styrofoam, mops, etc.)  Please stay away from all craft kits and pre-made animals-these will not be accepted.  Make it small, make it large, make it life size, but make it fit through the door!!! Your child will turn in a written report on the form provided by your teacher and give an oral report telling what continent the animal can be found, what the animal eats, about the animal’s habitat, and any special characteristics of the animal (what makes the animal unique). 

Your child may already have a favorite animal in mind!  It would be great to choose an animal early and watch videos about the animal on line, check out books about the animal, and if the animal is at the Knoxville Zoo, be ready to take pictures of the animal during our field trip.


April 23rd - Written Report Due

May 5th - Animal Project and Oral Report Due

Start planning and preparing now!


First Grade Teachers