Our Library

The library at Brainerd Baptist School is a great resource for our students, teachers and parents.  It is the goal of our library to help foster a life-long love of reading.  Our students begin going to library in K3 and start checking out books in K4.  The library works very closely with the classroom teachers to help make sure our students are checking out age-appropriate books.  We also use Accelerated Reader and STAR reading to help monitor our student’s reading comprehension and grade levels.  Our library is open after school till 4:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

One of the most powerful features of our AR program is the Home Connect portion.  From your house you may see your child’s progress toward their reading goals, conduct book searches using the AR Bookfinder, review results of AR quizzes, sign up for email notification on your child’s quizzes, and much, much more.  To create your Home Connect account, please click here.

You can also search the library database by clicking here.

The library does not charge a late fee, but request you return all books on your child’s scheduled library day. The library will be open after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:00 for AR testing. If you lose a book the replacement fee is $20.00.

AR Incentives – 2014-2015

Scale for receiving awards

Kindergarten – 2 points a month

First grade – 5 points a month

Second grade – 7 points a month

Third grade – 10 points a month

Fourth grade – 12 points a month

Fifth grade – 15 points a month

Monthly Awards

Students will have one month to achieve award. On holiday months we will adjust award time and points. Please note that the award day is also the day they will receive their t-shirt in chapel.

Students may wear their shirts every Wednesday as part of their uniform. Students may not wear previous years’ shirts on these days, but they may be worn on Civilian days.

September 3rd– AR shirt award day.

September 1-30

The award will be an extra book to checkout.

The award day is Wed., October 1st.

October 1-31

The award will be a surprise from Mrs. Haren.

The award day is Wed., November 5th.

November 1-30

The award will be a trip to Mrs. Haren’s treasure box.

The points will be adjusted due to holiday by 3 points. (K5 must get 1 point.)

The award day is Wed., December 3rd.

December 1-17

Points will be adjusted for this month.

Decrease grade level by 4 points this month. (K5 will repeat November goal. 1st will need 2 points.)

I will give each student a large candy cane this month.

The award day will be Wed., December 17th.

January 5-31

The award is a homework pass.

The award day is Wed., February 4th.

February 1-28

The award is a cupcake during lunch.

The award day is Wed., March 4th.

March 1-27

The award will be a civilian day.  Remember BBS civilian day dress rules apply.

Decrease grade level by 2 points this month due to Spring Break.  (K5 will need 1 point.)

The award day is Wed., April 8th.

April 6-30

The award is a trip to Mrs. Haren’s treasure box.

The award day is Wed., May 6th.

Encourage all who are not in AR club to finish so they can receive t-shirt before school is over. Shirts awarded at the last chapel.