K3 Overview


Bible Verse:  “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” Eph. 6:1

Number: 10 (one and zero are very best friends, they are always together to make a 10)


Unit of Study:  Ocean, Summer Pleasures

Nursery Rhyme:  Rub-A-Dub, Dub

Three men in a tub;
And who do you think they be?

The butcher, the baker,
The candlestick-maker;
Turn them out, knaves all three!

Things to Remember:

Teacher Appreciation Week                May 2-May 6

½ day:  Teacher Appreciation Day                 May 6  (ASC sign up online)

Bring a Toy/Movie Day:                                   May 16 and May 17

Field Day                                                         May 18

Riding Toy Day                                    May 19

K3/K4 End of Year Program               May 20 – 9:00  (ASC sign up online)


Please continue to review numbers 1-10 at home and work on spelling and writing names.

May 6 is an early dismissal day.  Children need to be picked up in the classroom at 11:00.  Those not picked up will be sent to ASC.  Sign up for ASC online!

Our last day of school is Friday, May 20.  We will dismiss immediately after the program.  After School Care will be available after the program. Sign up online! 

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K4 Overview

Memory Verse:  “The Lord made heaven and earth.”  Psalm 124:8

 Unit:  Let’s Do It Again! Review S, Z, L, V and R. 

Vocabulary Words:  Review words

Skill and Concept Emphasis: Counting backwards 10-1

Literature:  Revisit our favorite books from our review letters

Math:  1 cup Measuring

Full, Half Full, Empty

Coming Events:

May 18                                  Field Day – 9:00-10:00

May 20                                  K3/K4 Program – 9:00


Thank you for an incredible year, and for blessing us by sharing your children with us!


                                                            Your K4 team:

                                                            Joann Hellmann                 899-7486

                                                            Lori Roden                          667-9100

                                                            Rebecca Stubblefield         779-4681


K5 Overview

Memory Verse:  Psalms 121:1-8 Your child will be reciting these verses at graduation.  Please read over these with your child daily so that they will be familiar with them.

Unit:  Summer Fun

Math:  We will continue reviewing previous math skills and look forward to 1st grade skills.


  • K5 Celebration Day will be on Tuesday, May 24th, in the afternoon. We have found it to be safest for younger siblings not to attend.
  • Graduation is just around the corner! Dress for graduation is – Girls: white dress, Boys: white dress shirt and light colored pants, with white or light tan shoes for both.

Coming Events:

May 24               Celebration Day                   

May 25               K5 Graduation Program – 9:00

Happy Birthday to Graysen McGraw on May 17th, to Adelaide Hamill on May 18th, to Hope Wagoner on July 5th, to Lukas Goins on July 8th, and to Cameron Persinger on July 16th!!!