Fourth Grade Overview


We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas program this Thursday!

BIBLE:  Fourth graders were tested over Psalm 100:1-5 today.

Language Arts:

READING: We are finishing up perspective clouds and vocabulary for our Character unit.  Our tests are scheduled for this coming Monday and Tuesday, December 15th and 16th. We will also be reading a Christmas story or two in class!

ENGLISH: It is Christmas time and we will continue our unit on prepositions with a Christmas slant to make it more enjoyable. Students should practice DAILY verses 1-2 while also learning the chorus of our song. Preposition chorus quiz was yesterday. Our big, final, overall preposition test is scheduled for Tuesday, December 16. For the final, students will be expected to write verses 1 & 2 and the chorus. Then they will use the preposition list to help them identify and label prepositions, prepositional phrases and objects of the prepositions in given sentences.

SPELLING: Students have new Activity Sheets in their binders (spelling section). Activity Sheets are due with THREE completed tasks by Wednesday, December 10. There will be one test before Christmas break; Test 7 is Friday, December 12.These words are our PREPOSITIONS, so most of them are easy. I just want them to be able to spell them all correctly. Each class that makes a 100 across the board will earn a PJ Day to be held on Wednesday, December 17.

WRITING: We are now enjoying some holiday writing assignments that focus on writing styles we have learned so far this year. They will also give us practice using PREPOSITIONS to be more detailed in our writing.

Applied Sciences:

MATH: We will begin chapter 5.  This chapter covers multiplying by two digits.

Please work with your child by using flashcards at home.

SCIENCE:  We will study chapter 11, “Hurricanes and Tornadoes”, for the month of December.  The test over this chapter will be on Wednesday, December 17.